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  • Erin Harkey, MSW

    Erin Harkey, MSW

    Erin recognizes the important ways that all our environments, from the families we grew up in to the larger community around us, impact our daily life.
    Megan Blankenstein<br> MA, NCC

    Megan Blankenstein
    MA, NCC

    Megan is a National Certified Counselor who is passionate about helping children and adults develop effective coping strategies to navigate life's stressors. The majority of her practice focuses on reducing anxiety, depression, and behavior concerns.
    Hannah Mize

    Hannah Mize

    Hannah is a certified Life Coach with a focus on helping adolescents and their families. She has a Masters in Education specializing in School Counseling and worked as a school counselor for 10 years before completing her certification from the Youth Life Institute.
    Stacy Pease

    Stacy Pease

    Stacy has a Masters in Education specializing in English and Language Arts. She has taught students in grades 5-12 for 15 years and has earned an Academic Coaching certificate through the Gretchen Wegner Anti Boring Approach.
    Deborah S. R. McCranie<br>MS, NCC, LPC, CCMHC

    Deborah S. R. McCranie

    Deb’s approach is one of interpersonal dialogue and mindfulness, where processing the emotional distress and reactivity can be met with a healthy awareness and positive coping skills. Areas of focus for Deb include trauma, sexual abuse, depression, grief and anxiety.
    Christy Hubbard<br>MS, NCC LPC

    Christy Hubbard

    Using a strengths-based perspective Christy helps clients realize and utilize their unique gifts and live more fully. She sees individuals and couples and her primary areas of practice include women's issues, anxiety, new mothers, trauma and depression.