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    What is “Concierge” Counseling?

    A concierge practice is one which operates intentionally on a small scale, and embraces a client-centered philosophy. In a small-scale counseling practice therapists are more accessible: clients benefit from transparent process of online accessible forms and assessments, online scheduling, messaging, and payment, using our HIPAA- and HITECH-secure portal.

    The concierge counseling model provides an alternative to the pathology (sickness) based medical model; providers practicing within the medical model are paid according to the “patient’s” diagnosis and authorized treatment plan. By utilizing a self-pay methodology (not participating with insurance panels), not only is your privacy protected but your care is not dictated by someone who does not know you, who, in fact, represents the interests of the for-profit insurance company. Additionally, in our streamlined system there is no requirement for pre-authorizations, filing of paperwork, or determining co-pays and deductibles.

    At ADAPT we see fewer clients than most counselors who rely on insurance fees for a living. Insurance companies currently reimburse clinicians at lower rates than they did 20 years ago. Given this, counselors who practice within the managed care system must see a higher volume of clients in order to make a living wage.

    Our concierge setting allows us to better serve you with increased privacy and attention, less (and less intrusive) paperwork, a more comfortable setting, and a personalized approach.