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  • Ginny Krause, Intern

    Ginny Krause, a new intern with ADAPT Counseling Network is pursuing her master’s degree in social work through George Mason University. With a Bachelor’s in Nursing obtained in 2002, Ginny’s compassion has been helping others in times of crisis. Her nursing experience in the intensive care and emergency room centered around trauma and acute care. Working in these settings both as a nurse in the Air Force and civilian sector, Ginny felt called to continue her education in a way that allows her to provide holistic preventative care.
    With a continued desire to meet the critical needs of children and families, the focus of Ginny’s specialist year internship will be building a relationship with her clients to increase self-confidence and self-worth. Inspired by her nursing experience and recent studies in social work she believes an individual’s health can be impacted significantly through the practice of holistic and therapeutic intervention. To achieve this goal with clients she values a strength-based approach that embraces the client’s engagement in achieving their set goals.