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  • Erin Harkey, LMSW

    Erin recognizes the important ways that all our environments, from the families we grew up in to the larger community around us, impact our daily life. Our unique experiences shape our thoughts, our feelings, and our behaviors. Erin’s foundation in a strengths-based perspective means that she emphasizes the specific talents and traits of each client or couple, particularly as they relate to the areas the client/s would like to address.

    Erin has a concentration in couples work and has completed Level 2 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. She believes in providing couples with the tools to work through issues and differences, which are inevitable in any relationship. Erin also works with individual adult clients and specializes in anxiety, self-confidence, stress management, holistic ADHD management, and recognizing the connection between our minds and bodies. She offers in-person appointments, telehealth appointments, and walk/talk therapy.

    For couples who may have scheduling conflicts during the work day, or for couples needing intensive sessions due to crisis, Erin also offers some weekend office hours. Please call or email Erin for information, availability, or pricing.

    Erin is a Licensed Master of Social Work in the state of Georgia.


    • Master of Social Work, Troy University
    • Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, University of Georgia


    • Initial session/Assessment/Treatment Plan: $100
    • Subsequent visits: $85
    • Initial session/Assessment/Treatment Plan: $150
    • Subsequent visits: $100
    • Weekend/extended sessions: please call for pricing


    (706) 610-0332
    [email protected]

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